Mural paintings have always been very costly and time consuming depending upon the complexity of the design. A number of industrial organizations have come up with solution methodologies and service model to address this issue, but are inhibited by the existing painting gadgets and accessories and high cost of skilled labor and cannot cross the curve in terms of limited number of pre-determined designs as mural paintings.

This state-of-the-art in-house invention can print colorful motifs of any size directly on the walls with remarkable resolution and finesse that is meant to last for a decade. This device is may to be used in conjunction with the graphic simulator to achieve a perfectly customized wall mural or may take inputs of adhoc designs provided by the customer. The device is designed to be assembled or disassembled quickly with minimal effort so that it can be transported easily and can be assembled to print on site.

The unlimited set of fancy and classy designs form the appeal of Direct-to-wall-printing service offered in this business model. The wall printer is capable of printing any custom design murals on your walls at home or commercial complex and office spaces at an unbelievable speed and cost The competitive advantage and client benefits of the direct-to-wall-mural printing lie in the following pockets:

  1. Unlimited set of contemporary, abstract design, landscapes to customized designs for the customer to choose from
  2. 3 years full warranty on paint sustainability
  3. Direct-to-wall-printing speed of 70-100 sq ft/hour