Express Painting

Choose the latest revolutionary technology of painting yet at a lesser cost than conventional printing services. We unveil ABSTRACT IDEASTM express painting aided with a rare collection of express painting gadgets that paints your house with absolute cleanliness and you wont believe its speed.

Why Express Painting features:

SN Tools and Gadgets
1 High Pressure Washer: The high pressure water jet from this washer can eliminate any foreign and unwanted particles like stains, moss, grease, oil etc. from an aged wall so that it can be treated to a fresh new look. This device is mostly used in case of re-painting services, but can also be used for post-implementation cleaning.
2 Vacuum suctioned Dry Wall Sanding Machine: This power sanding device can be used to sand dry walls to desired smoothness before applying the coats of paint. The sand plate attachment has multiple options to choose from for heavy duty to delicate sanding purposes. The machine is also coupled with vacuum suction and a collecting bag to avoid deposition of sanded particles all over the site.
3 Putty Mixers and Sprayer: This machine can be used to mix and spray putty or gypsum coat on walls at an unbelievable rapid rate. The machine has an inbuilt mixer which keeps the mixture stirring continuously during operation to deliver a consistent coat several times faster and easier that the convention method of plates and dough.
4 Airless Spray Painting Machines: This machine replaces the age old brush with airless spray painting mechanism. The machine takes the paint supply directly from the existing paint drums to avoid any residual wastage. The industrial grade machine is able to coat large surface areas in almost half the time than that of conventional brush and rollers.
5 Paint Injected Power Roller: The power roller machine can quickly give the luster to painted walls as the paints are injected into the rollers directly. This machine takes the paint supply directly from the existing paint drums to avoid any residual wastage.