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Company Description and History

Abstract Ideas ™, a brand under Afresh Technologies, is a limitless venture, started by the alumni of IIT Bombay, IIM Bangalore and other premier institutes of the country.Fueled by imagination and some smart sales strategy, this innovation propelled Abstract Ideas to be selected as one of the 15 promising hardware startups at Plugin 2016 - a collaborative incubation programme for hardware companies was launched by IIT Bombay in collaboration with NASSCOM, Intel India, Make in India, Start up India and others.

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Advisory Board

Somnath Chowdhury | TiE & ELCINA
Zarksis B. Munshi | DACHSER
Aabhas Babbar | ERNST & YOUNG


Unique Visual Brand Language by elite Graphic Design Scientists,
New lifestyle definitions of personalized environment,
WOW design package for your homes

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The team contains a rich blend of diversely experienced professionals. The management team are alumni of IITs, IIMs and serial entrepreneurs. The team is equipped with a cumulative experience of 75+ years. We have leaders from product development, software development, consulting, retail marketing, technology and innovation.

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Strong Alumnus and Industry network,
Community of 500+ Graphic Designer,
Operations planned in 6 demographic locations accross the world

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  • Moŕzart
  • Just Kidding

    Midas touch to soul

    Category: Royal
    Design types: Shades of Gold and silver, contrasting prime colors and embedded gemstones
    Suitable for: Private mansions, royal suites, luxury hotels, resorts and other executive real estates.

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  • Moŕzart

    More as Aŕt

    Category: Premium
    Design types: Landscapes, Skylines, Candid photography and medieval art forms
    Suitable for: Premier apartments and suites, private bungalows, elite office and commercial spaces

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    pixels to art

    Category: Deluxe
    Design types: Contemporary, Modern & Abstract art forms
    Suitable for: Private apartments and bungalows, deluxe hotel rooms, retail, commercial and public spaces.

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  • Just Kidding

    Category: Juvenile
    Design types: Cartoon and Fictional Themes
    Suitable for: Kids Rooms, play areas, etc.

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    Custom Imagined input to output

    Category: Hybrid/Custom
    Design types: Family Trees, portraits, customized designs
    Suitable for: Customer specific demands

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At ABSTRACT IDEAS ™, we leverage the features of our patented products and the experience of our team of highly proficient analysts, engineers and technicians to give our clients superior, hassle-free services that enhance overall daily livelihood of every household.

As a young company, we have started over with direct-to-wall=printing services as a cost effective alternate to decals for residential and commercial complex interiors. The target of the service package intends to enter the market of catering to the perpetual problem of envisaging a personalized space of Room Décor and ambience by means of printing almost any design and graphics on to the walls of a customer’s house or commercial space.

We have also come up a revolutionary service package of interior designing with the help of in-house developed graphic simulator. Graphic Simulator is a computer application where the customers are free to view a virtual image of their room in terms of design, base paint colour, furniture, window and door location and above all a bird’s eye view of the whole room to take decision to go ahead with a selected design considering the holistic aesthetics of the room.

In addition to this, we offer express painting service that provides a hassle free doorstep service with the help of gadgets like High Pressure Washers, Vacuum suctioned Dry Wall Sanding Machines, Putty Mixers and Sprayers, Airless Spray Painting Machines, Paint Injected Power Roller etc that condition and paint a customer’s household upto 60-70% faster than traditional painting technologies and manual equipments and at unbeatable less cost compared to the market.

  • Direct-to-Wall-Printing

    This state-of-the-art in-house invention can print colorful motifs of any size directly on the walls with remarkable resolution and finesse that is meant to last for a decade. This device is may to be used in conjunction with the graphic simulator to achieve a perfectly customized wall mural or may take inputs of adhoc designs provided by the customer. The device is designed to be assembled or disassembled quickly with minimal effort so that it can be transported easily and can be assembled to print on site.

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  • Express Painting

    Choose the latest revolutionary technology of painting yet at a lesser cost than conventional printing services. We unveil ABSTRACT IDEAS express painting aided with a rare collection of express painting gadgets that paints your house with absolute cleanliness and you wont believe its speed.

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  • Mural Design Development and Consultation

    Our Design Team provides services for consultation and development of mural designs at exceptionally nominal cost. We have in house range of mural design templates which can be tweaked with nominal effort to produce customized mural designs unique for each customer.

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  • Amrita Sarkar ( Home Maker ,Kolkata)

    8th March 2016

    I didn’t think GIGO will change my life to this extent. Thank you Abstract Ideas. GO GREEN, GO GIGO!!!

  • Saketh Pendyala ( Student ,Bangalore)

    6th January 2016

    GIGO is a lifesaver. I am too lazy to dispose waste everyday. But for GIGO, I see a clean house everyday. Good job Abstract Ideas!!

  • Vivek Singh ( Working Professional ,Pune)

    16th July 2015

    I think that GIGO from ABSTRACT IDEAS is an absolute stunner for working professionals like me. No hassles for waste disposals. Thrown it in the sink and GIGO takes care!!!

  • Biram Nandi ( Real Estate Promoter ,Kolkata)

    26th December 2014

    GIGO has the capability to make a household kitchen a hassle free place to cook and manage household waste. GIGO has a great business potential in residential and commercial kitchens.


At Abstract Ideas ™, we believe in constant innovation and customer feedback, reviews and suggestions to thrive in future. Thus, we are constantly climbing the ladder of success with the help of suggestions from all of you throughout the globe.
Please use the form in this page to send you valuable feedback, suggestions for improvement.

We are hiring working professionals in the field of sales, marketing, engineering, finance, web development, software development, hardware and embedded systems. Please send your resume if Abstract Ideas ™ excites you as a part of your career development.

SINE Annexe, 2nd floor, DELTA Building, Hiranandani Gardens, Sainath Nagar, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076


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